Friday, September 16, 2011

Welcome to peepaus!

Are you in Paris on your way up the Eiffel-tower, the queue seems to last for ever and you don't know for how long you can hold it in? Is it worth to wait to go to the loo till you are up there, or should you run and find a toilet before you go up? How do you know if you haven't been there before and nobody has told you?

Someone out there have been to the loo in the Eiffel-tower. It might be you, but it could also be you who wonders what it's like. This blog is to help everyone that want's to go to the loo in other places than home decide if it's worth waiting for it or not.

This is what I want you to do.
When you have been to the loo on a special place, like at the top of the Eiffel-tower, in Empire state building, at the bottom of the Kiruna mine or in any other place, let me know!
-How great was it, on a scale from one to ten? (ten means it was like being in heaven, and one means the toilet nearly ate you)
-How long was the queue to the toilet?
-What did it look like? 
-Anything else you might want to say about the toilet?
Answer these questions and send an email to If you want to, you may attach a picture of yourself in front of the Eiffel-tower or where ever it was you went and a link to your own blog, and I will post it here on Don't forget to sign with your name or a nickname!

Have fun, and don't drown in the toilet!